RWino Plug

Rwino Plug for Spark Core

Protoboard/shield for easy and safe prototyping with a Spark Core This protoboard is designed to fit in a OKW Plug/Socket Case A9022465 (RS 583-432). Check so the socket and plug works in your country.

RWino-Plug is a protoboard/shield for Spark Core. Whit this card you can easily build a WIFI controlled power switch or dimmer. It is up to you to make the reset of the design and software.I have made a simple Arduino sketch to demonstrate zero crossing detector and firing of the triac.

On the protoboard/shild there are a place for a power supply, relay or solid state relay/ triac, filter, optocoupler for zero crossing detector, Spark Core module and prototype area.

The protoboard/shild comes with schematics and BOM-list with information were you can buy components for the PCB. Altium CAD-files and Gerber files.

RWino-Plug is designed to handle 230VAC 6A, it's important that you understand that it's on your on risk you use this protoboard/shild.

We only sell the PCB Card.

I sell on Tindie

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