RWino Railtec B6

RWino Railtec B6 is Arduino Shield system designd for DIN-43 880 enclosures.

Arduino compatible MPU module withe CC3000 WiFi module, LCD-display, touch buttons and LEDs.

RWino Railtec B6 are built up of four PCB cards. First the mother card with screw connectors, power supply 24V in, relays, optocouplers. Second card is different types of shields card you put on the mother card for prototyping, sensor and stuff. Third card is CPU card you put on the mother card. Card number four is HID with touch buttons, LCD display, LEDs.

The pictures show different cards that I previously developed around the idea RWino.

The card for RWino Railtec B6 I'm working on now and hope to soon be done with it.

RWino Railtec B6