RWino -  the fastest way from idée to prototype.

Hi and welcome to the website for the RWino project.

-  R e a l   W o r l d    A r d u i n o  -

With RWino protoboard you can easily and fast combined all available breakout cards for sensors and I/O on the market to build your prototype and test it the right way.

So you software developers out there how think RWino would be a good idea, send me a note about your thoughts and wishes for how to develop the RWino.

I hope to build i communtiy around the RWino idea, so if you are intrested send me a note and we will find out what we can do together.

Or you just need an electronic engineer, just send me a note and we can discuss the project.

Many do it like this.

Or you can do it the smart way.

I have worked for more than 30 years as electronic engineer an bulit many prototypes.

So to make my work litle bit easyer i always designed special protoboards that fit into useful enclosuers so that i fast and easy could wip up a prototype for a custemer and so they could evaluate the prototype easy and safe in their proper environment.

So the idea of RWino is to design protoboards/shields around Arduino compatible hardware and of course a smart enclosures so it fit in to the real world.

RWino is a open source project and hope that you will benefit from it.

I hope there will grow community around the idea of RWino, where many people can contribute their knowledge and resources to ensure that electronic development may be even easier and safer.

This will make a better world.

It is still as flexible.